Lasermax Lms-g43g For Glk 43 Grn

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Lasermax Model Lms-g43g, Laser, Fits Glock 43, Guide Rod Laser, Green Lms-g43g

Product Type: Laser
Finish/Color: Black
Fit: Fits Glock 43
Description: Guide Rod Laser

Reviews (1)

G48 Guiderod laser from Lasermax

Written by KUEN-TENG KAO on Dec 1st 2020

The laser is easy to install. Took about five minutes the first time. Batteries shipped inside the laser but upside down (to prevent draining I assume), and took me a while to find it. Shot in November noon time sun and had some problem finding target shooting from the hip but once green dot is on target, it is visible. At ten yards POI is within an inch and half of POA as advertised. At 25 yards the POA for the green dot is a few inches below iron sight as verified by a telephoto lens. I would not rely solely on the laser but rather as secondary to iron sight, red dot, gun light or a combination under different shooting conditions. Would recommend the product.

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