Fed Am Eagle 22lr 40gr Ld 50/5000

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Federal American Eagle, 22lr, 40 Grain, Lead, 50 Round Box Ae5022

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Fed Am Eagle 22lr 40gr Ld

Written by JC on Nov 19th 2019

Bought these with 50yd target shooting in mind. Hoping they would stay super sonic all the way to 50 yds...they go subsonic somewhere between 30-40 yds. Using a Labradar, shooting a Savage MKII, chronoed a box of 50 and got 1213fps avg; 141ES; and 40.5 SD. Groups were a little better than the numbers would indicate but there is less expensive,mediocre .22LR ammo out there. No duds so I'll rate them 2 stars on that.

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